Welcome to the Blue Ridge Thread Company! 

The Blue Ridge Thread Company’s mission is to assist with the preservation of the Blue Ridge Mountains, support the people and small businesses in the Blue Ridges and to create quality apparel that is inspired by the mountains.

The Thread Co. was founded by two friends who grew up in separate parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but share a love for the mountains and the people who inhabit them. We want to celebrate the mountains and help our communities and small businesses thrive. In our goal to support local small businesses, we worked to have as much of our manufacturing as possible done here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. That means, by shopping with us you are supporting small businesses across the whole Blue Ridge Range.

Have we mentioned how much we love the Blue Ridge Mountains? We believe that it is all of our responsibilities to work together to protect and preserve these natural environments that are so important to our ways of life. 

Meet the owners 


I am a North Carolina native, an alumni of the North Carolina Outward Bound School, a former touring musician, and a student of digital marketing. Growing up my family would spend time in the Blue Ridge and this area has always held a special place in my heart. Having recently moved back to Waynesville, NC to raise our family, my wife and I spend every day outside soaking it in. The people here are genuine, and it shows through in everything they make and do here in the mountains. I am so excited for my kids to grow up here and experience this place. 


I am a Navy veteran from Fairmont, WV. Growing up, my family owned a camp in eastern West Virginia by the South Branch Potomac River in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Every summer, we would take several long trips to our camp and I was always super excited to go. We spent our time hiking, fishing, swimming and exploring the mountains. This is where I learned that Hellgrammites are fantastic fishing bait but you need to watch out for their pincers. As a kid, the mountains seemed massive and endless. These trips to the mountains are the most fond memories of my childhood and I hope that everyone gets to experience the mountains at least once. 


In our mission to support the people and small businesses in the Blue Ridge Mountains and to preserve this national treasure we launched the #exploretheblueridge hashtag. #exploretheblueridge is a badge of support that can be tagged on everything from the prettiest vistas to the coolest little shops. It is a constant reminder of why the Blue Ridge Thread Company exists and we hope that it can become a symbol of support for the people and for the preservation of the mountains. Let #exploretheblueridge also be known as a call to action to be a good shepherd of the land and to remind people to always pack out more trash than you packed in. Follow us on social media and follow the #exploretheblueridge hashtag to find beautiful hikes, rad small businesses and inspiration to keep you exploring the Blue Ridge.